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A company specializing on Salesforce migration automation optimisation

Our Services

Legacy System to Salesforce Migration

Migration of historical data can be a difficult and time-consuming task.

Our team will guide you through the process of preparing, transforming and migrating your data in order to make a smooth transition to Salesforce.

Our Services

Salesforce Implementation & Optimisation

We can help you become a customer-oriented business that puts customers at the center of your business.

Salesforce integration allows you to realize the true value of Salesforce assets, or you may need to update Salesforce to reflect any changes in your organization since Salesforce was implemented.

We will review your Salesforce instance to determine its current status and perform a gap analysis to determine costs, timelines, as well as the level of effort needed to get you to the destination you desire.

It can be difficult and time-consuming to migrate historical data from one system to another.

Our team will guide you through the process of preparing, transforming, and migrating your data to make a smooth transition to Salesforce.

Our Services

Business Flow Automation

Salesforce Flow’s core feature is the point-and click Flow Builder, which makes it simple to create complex processes.

Automate enterprise-scale automation using prebuilt solutions, reusable blocks and triggers. We can help you become a customer-oriented business that puts customers at the center of your business.

Salesforce integration allows you to realise the true value of Salesforce assets.

Our Services

In-depth Business Discovery

Sometimes, organisations need to hit the pause button and evaluate their existing technology stack and manual business processes from a holistic viewpoint before moving ahead with systems changes and implementations.

The purpose of a Solution Design engagement is to understand your technological challenges, evaluate your current systems and workflows, and provide you with a technology roadmap.

This roadmap will include a comprehensive project outline with a detailed breakdown of how to get from where you are today, to where you want to be.


Our Support Packages start from 40 hours per month.

You can purchase a pack of 405060 or even more hours per month and we guarantee that our dedicated Salesforce engineers will work on your project for this amount of hours.

Our support means dedicationcare and engagement.

An experienced and certified Salesforce engineer will be assigned to your project.
If you purchase 40 hours of support, we guarantee 40 hours of fully dedicated work.
If you need more hours to complete some issues, we will do our best to fulfill your request for the same hourly rate.
The maximum response time to a request is 2 hours during working time (to be agreed).
Salesforce Audit

Let's make something great together. We are trusted by over 5000+ clients.

To ensure your Salesforce system works correctly and bring you maximum value we can audit your Org and provide you with recommendations.


Diagnose potential and real issues in the Salesforce Org to enhance the platform usage


Increase the return on investment by having all data clean and valid in one place


Receive the plan of audited item recommendations to improve the CRM strategy

We offer 4 types of audit

Up to 1 business day
Up to 5 business days
Up to 10 business days
Depends on requirements
Metadata Quality Check (Checkmarx Scanner, Field Usage scanner and analyzing the results)Fee
Data Security & Compliance Check (Checkmarx Scanner, Salesforce Optimizer and analyzing the results)Fee
Workflows, processes, automations Check (Salesforce Optimizer and analyzing the results)-Fee
Third-party custom integrations Check (Checkmarx Scanner and analyzing the results)Fee
Manual code and logic review on a high level-Fee
Manual review of external integrations-Fee
Data quality analysis (optional, only if a client has Sales/Service Cloud)-Optional. If there is a necessityFee
Up to 4 sessions with process maintainers on the client's side--Fee
Analysis of purchased Salesforce features/ licenses and their level of usage--Fee
Analysis of purchased AppExchange products and their level of usage--Fee
Recommendations, reports and roadmaps-Fee
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Quick Start

Salesforce Quick Start Pack

Implementing Quick Start Pack is the fastest way to start using Salesforce in your organization.

You will establish the foundations for future growth, development and automation of business processes just in 2 weeks on average.

Salesforce Quick Start Packs are most suitable for small and medium businesses that are looking for quick deployment and want to get started with Salesforce as soon as possible, growing companies that need scalable and optimized workflows and charity organizations.


What you will get?

Basic implementation of the one of the clouds
Onboarding, training & guidance on how to best leverage Salesforce to support your business processes and avoid crucial mistakes
Account management & self-service support (depends on the Clouds)
Reporting and analytics that provide visibility into your key performance indicators (KPIs)
A roadmap to help you meet business needs
A scalable Salesforce foundation
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