Don't take our word for it. See what customers are saying about us.| Mekanys
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Mekanys has helped businesses over the years, proving its track record of success. For our team, each project and difficulty is unique. Continue reading to find out how we helped our clients expand and achieve their Salesforce goals.

Happy Customers

Don't take our word for it. See what customers are saying about us.

"Working with Mekanys has been a truly collaborative experience. they are responsive, flexible and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure our success. Their dedication to our project and proactive approach has been incredible. An important point to mention would be the time and willingness to always look for creative solutions. They were always upfront about any technical challenges or issues and yet, whatever these were and whatever the time or day of the week, we simply knew they were determined to resolve them. Our partnership with Mekanys has also been firmly marked by a strong sense of commitment towards our shared goals. They are not just a service provider, they are a true partner in helping us achieve the vision we have for our non-profit organisation, and their dedication to our project is simply beyond words."

"We went through a big organizational change in the middle of this implementation project. The team at Mekanys bent over backward to make sure that we had the tools we needed for our changing organization. They were extraordinarily helpful, going above and beyond as if it was just the normal thing to do. We are so grateful to all of them! "

"With a high level of professionalism, the Mekanys team helped us set up our entire release process going from dev environments through QA/UAT and to production. This was one of the big stepping stones in our partnership as they had to adapt to our needs and knowledge at the time. They did so in an impressive way which has set the foundation of the success we are seeing today! Furthermore,their ability to understand and help us overcome some major challenges was excellent!"

Product Area: Marketing Cloud

“The Mekanys team have been great partners of ours for a number of years now across multiple projects. Their skillset has allowed us to extend our capabilities and take on more complex projects than we would otherwise have been able to without their support. I can genuinely say that their team has contributed to the growth of our practice and we have recommended them to numerous other organizations.”

Benjamin H.

Partner at Passion Fruit Partners


“The Mekanys team had a high level of dedication, responsiveness, and, most importantly, talent. On the Salesforce platform, they developed creative solutions to some of the challenging use cases we faced.”

Inna M.

Director, Client Success, Integrate 2 Cloud Apps

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