Mekanys’ Sustainability Efforts by Using the Evergreen App

Green Earth: Global Sustainability Through Forestry

At Mekanys, the belief in long-lasting relationships and impactful solutions is more than a mere motto, it’s a guiding principle deeply ingrained in the company’s culture.

Rooted in their core value of being caring and responsible for the team and community, Mekanys has forged meaningful connections not only within their organization but also with the world around them.

Planting trees through peer-to-peer recognition

Central to Mekanys’ sustainability efforts is a groundbreaking partnership with Evergreen , a revolutionary peer-to-peer recognition app, which collaborates with Eden Reforestation Projects to plant trees for the environment.
Mekanys + Evergreen
Evergreen and Eden Reforestation Projects

Eden Reforestation Projects is a non-profit organization that takes a comprehensive approach to reforestation and ecological restoration.

Evergreen isn’t just about recognizing exceptional performance within the team, it’s about planting seeds of positive change for the planet. By integrating recognition with tree planting, Evergreen and Mekanys have forged a synergy that fosters a culture of appreciation while actively contributing to environmental conservation.

Core Tenets of Evergreen


Evergreen: Connecting People and Planet for Positive Change

Evergreen is not just an ordinary app, it is a force for good.
Its mission is to create a positive impact on the environment while fostering meaningful connections.
Evergreen combines recognition with environmental stewardship, making it a powerful tool for positive change.
Connect People and Planet for Positive Change
Cultivating a Culture of Recognition and Sustainability

Greening the Workplace: Cultivating a Culture of Recognition and Sustainability

Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Evergreen facilitates recognition of exceptional performance.

Tree Planting

Every recognition translates into tree planting.

Feel-Good Culture

By recognizing and planting trees, teams contribute to a positive.

Growing Greener: Evergreen's Environmental and Social Impact

Environmental Impact

Evergreen's tree-planting project helps the environment by increasing.

Team Morale

Recognitions boost team morale, foster camaraderie, and create a sense of purpose.

Sustainable Practices

Evergreen encourages sustainable practices within organizations.
Evergreen social impact
Fostering Appreciation and Sustainability in Team Communication Platforms

Evergreen: Fostering Appreciation and Sustainability in Team Communication Platforms

Evergreen is available for teams to use, whether in Slack, Teams, or other platforms. It is a distinctive Slack integration that promotes a culture of appreciation and environmental impact.
Each month, team members can give away 12 seeds to anyone they choose. You can tag company values to understand who is championing and living them.

Our impact through peer-to-peer recognition

The Summary Result of the Evergreen App usage by Mekanys,
from the beginning until April 1, 2024

2 805

Total Trees Planted

Impact of Mekanys' use of the Evergreen app on Trees

235 620

Total Carbon Offset

Mekanys' Evergreen app use impacts carbon offset in kg


Total Workdays Provided

Impact of Mekanys' use of the evergreen app on Days

How does everything work?

Used by leading companies wanting to improve team culture while furthering their environmental and social programs.

Giving recognition in Slack

Evergreen makes it easy for users to give recognition to their colleagues using a simple /command.

Planting trees

Are real trees involved? absolutely. evergreen plants a tree for every seed given with recognition on behalf of the user.

Tracking your carbon offset

Evergreen calculates the carbon offset for every tree planted on both a personal and team level.

Our organization's total carbon offset of 230 496 kg is equivalent to:


Roundtrips from LA to NYC

76 816 K

10km Taxi Rides


Cows Burping for a Year

127 005 K


47 016

Annual Carbon Footprint of Humans

24 002

Annual Carbon Footprint of Britons

12 001

Annual Carbon Footprint of Americans

2 879

Roundtrips from London to Paris


Mekanys' Commitment to Sustainability

In conclusion, Mekanys’ involvement in sustainability does not stop here, the company also carries out internal initiatives to reduce its ecological footprint and promote a healthy and responsible work environment. From implementing energy efficiency practices in offices to employee awareness campaigns, Mekanys demonstrates that its commitment to sustainability is more than a slogan – it is an integral part of its identity and values.

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