Simplifying Chat Bot Using Einstein Bot and Flow in Salesforce

Unlock the power of Salesforce by simplifying chat bot creation with Einstein Bot and Flow, streamlining customer interactions and enhancing user experience.

Simplifying Chat Bot Using Einstein Bot and Flow in Salesforce

Unlock the power of Salesforce by simplifying chat bot creation with Einstein Bot and Flow, streamlining customer interactions and enhancing user experience.

Imagine you’re a customer support manager at a software company, and you want to streamline the process of routing customer support tickets to the appropriate departments using Salesforce Einstein Bot. Your goal is to efficiently manage incoming tickets, ensure they are directed to the right teams, and provide timely resolutions to customers. Let’s take a look how to implement it!
How this works?


For implementing the above use case, I will briefly explain the zoomed-out picture: We have a chatbot for clients to type and send messages. These messages are captured by Einstein Bot, which further manipulates the message and provides helpful outputs. The message is then passed to an Autolaunched Flow, which performs the following tasks:

Verifying contact existence

Extracting related accounts

Checking agent statuses

Create Closed and New Cases

Retrieving case numbers post-creation

Extracting articles based on product and description

The output is then returned back to Einstein Bot, which responds to the client in the chatbot.

Let's see how we can easily implement this

You need to create a text-type variable and mark it as an input variable, with the help of this variable, you will later indicate in the Einstein Bot which branch you need to call!
The Autolaunched Flow should start with a decision. Using decision branches, you can establish diverse logic sequences, which you'll subsequently invoke from the Einstein Bot.
For example, if the chatbot captures the customer's email, you need to check if a contact already exists in the system based on that email. Using the flow decision feature makes this process easy. The flow would begin with a decision that determines which request to execute. In our case, we need to check if the chatbot's "requestType" is "reqContact", which would select the path for quickly checking the existence of a contact.
Example of Logic in this branch in my case
Now, you want to apply the logic created in Flow to Einstein Bot. To do this, select the dialogue in Einstein Bot and add the Action element. Choose Action Type --> Flow, select the Flow you created, and in the "requestType" variable, add "reqContact".

This way, you call the "Check if Exist Contact" branch from the flow, which will verify if a Contact exists or not based on the customer's email. The flow returns a boolean variable named "varExistContact." If the "varExistContact" variable is false, then no contact has been found.

However, if the "varExistContact" variable is true, then the contact has been successfully found, and depending on the variable, you redirect them to the customer in any dialog!
In this way, you can implement any specific logic within a decision-based flow, which you can then deploy in Einstein Bot!

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