Marketing Cloud Growth Edition First Look and Comparison with Marketing Cloud

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Einstein AI
The recent unveiling of Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud Growth Edition has sparked significant interest. What makes Marketing Cloud Growth stand out is its unique status as a fresh product, separate from the established structures of Marketing Cloud Engagement and Marketing Cloud Account Engagement.
Core Platform

Salesforce Announce Marketing Cloud Growth Edition Built on the Core Platform

Salesforce continues to innovate the existing Marketing Cloud products, indicating that the Marketing Cloud Growth Edition is not a replacement but an additional offering with new functionalities.

Small businesses can use Marketing Cloud Growth to access Data Cloud and generative AI in their workflow.

They can connect marketing with sales, service, and commerce on one platform. New customers can quickly start using data and generative AI with a step-by-step process.

Segment audiences faster

Utilizing natural language cues to produce fresh audience segments quickly, without the need for coding.

Deliver campaigns and content quickly

Automatically generate campaign briefs, segments, landing pages, and other content using natural language prompts and pre-built templates.

Personalize customer relationships

Unified profiles drive marketing, sales, service, and commerce experiences through various channels.

Optimize campaign performance

Improve the effectiveness of campaigns by using real-time reporting and easy-to-use dashboards.

Connect data to create a unified view of customers

Aligns marketing, sales, service, commerce for unified customer perspective.

Activate data for personalization across any channel

To offer clients messages that are more relevant and personalized for their individual journeys.

Jumpstart AI journey and drive revenue

Providing AI insights to help understand engaged customers and how to reach them effectively.

Einstein 1 natively connects with Data Cloud

Unlock data within an organization to enhance customer experiences, utilize AI to boost productivity for employees, and increase overall profits.

AI + Data

Marketing Cloud Growth Edition integrate Data Cloud and Einstein's generative tools

Salesforce has prioritized leveraging Data Cloud’s technology to enhance their marketing products.

Acquiring a suite of technologies over the past decade, the aim is to integrate the innovative capabilities of Data Cloud and AI into the Marketing Cloud tech stack.


Growth Edition: Your Solution to Typical Marketing Challenges


Disjointed Data = Disjointed Campaigns

Having marketing and sales tools that don't communicate means you're missing out on opportunities. Growth Edition bridges this gap by allowing you to use CRM data for targeted campaigns that convert effectively.

Simplifying Complexity

Growth Edition provides user-friendly tools for creating journeys, streamlined data analysis, and AI-driven support that allows your team to concentrate on their core strengths.
Highlighting the interconnected features of Marketing Cloud Growth Edition, emphasizing seamless multi-channel communication.

E-commerce on Autopilot

Growth Edition optimizes e-commerce with personalized timing, utilizing abandoned cart reminders, targeted offers based on purchase history and browsing behavior, and fostering loyalty for repeat sales.

Data-Driven Marketing Made Easy

Growth Edition is part of Salesforce's Data Cloud, allowing your marketing team to access customer information easily. Utilize demographics, interests, and behavior to create personalized campaigns for each recipient.

Email Builder (+ Sending and Tracking)

The email builder is built on top of Salesforce CMS, a shared service across other parts of the platform, so you have a single repository for assets.

Email builder, a shared service across the platorm, so you have a single repository for assets.
The email will highlight AI advancements, including breakthroughs and industry applications, while tracking engagement.
Turn on tracking for email opens and clicks to gauge recipient engagement and measure the effectiveness of the email campaign.
Einstein Send Time Optimization will determine the best time to send based on past performance or specified criteria.

Einstein AI

Einstein AI is a suite of artificial intelligence capabilities integrated into the Salesforce platform, designed to enhance customer relationship management (CRM) across various applications. By using the Einstein 1 platform, marketers can access and utilize more powerful AI features.

AI features on the Einstein platform to enhance marketing strategies.
Includes Einstein Send Time Optimization for scheduling emails and Einstein Co-Create for content generation.
You will also discover Einstein Co-Create for the development of campaign briefs and messages, as well as potentially other features that we have not yet come across.
Einstein AI is a suite of artificial intelligence capabilities integrated into the Salesforce platform


Marketing Cloud Growth Edition is designed to empower businesses with comprehensive analytics and reporting tools. By leveraging the capabilities of Data Cloud, it provides insights into marketing performance, enabling organizations to make data-driven decisions.

Empower businesses with comprehensive analytics and reporting tools
Reporting tools for analyzing marketing performance.
Marketing Cloud Growth Edition will offer reports and dashboards built on Data Cloud, with more details to come.
The detailed reports and dashboards provide deep insights into consumer behavior and campaign effectiveness.

Key differences between the Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Growth Edition

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a comprehensive suite that provides robust features for enterprise-level marketing, including advanced analytics, cross-channel campaign management, and personalized customer journeys. On the other hand, the Marketing Cloud Growth Edition is a newer offering that focuses on the needs of small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), providing essential tools to leverage CRM, AI, and data for efficient growth.

Growth Edition
Marketing Cloud
Salesforce Integration
Integrated with Salesforce Core
Marketing Cloud Connector
Email Sending Limits
Limits to 15,000 sends a month
No email Send Limit
SMS Customization
Uses SMS but can’t be customized with AMPscript
SMS can use AMPscript
Data Source
Uses Data Cloud
Uses Data Extensions
Email Development
Focused on Gen AI email Development
Emails with deeper customization, using AMPscript
Landing Page Requirement
Campaigns need a landing page
Campaigns aren’t required to have a landing page
Data Utilization for Personalization
Uses data from Data Cloud based on objects for personalization
Can use relational data points to create custom emails
Lead Generation
Can use web forms to generate leads to be used within Sales and Service Clouds
Web forms can feed data into data extensions that must be sent to Salesforce

Pricing and Limits

Marketing Cloud Growth Edition will be available now for customers in North America, with a provisional availability date in the second half of 2024 for Europe/Middle East (EMEA).

The Marketing Cloud Growth Edition will cost $18,000 per organization annually, providing access to all features, including engagement scoring rules and advanced Einstein-powered tools like Send-Time Optimization.

An overview of a marketing cloud service’s pricing and features, including email and SMS send limits and credits for activation and segmentation.
Send Limit
180k email sends /org/year (add on email sends at an additional cost).
Unified Profiles
10k unified profiles, unified via Data Cloud.
Activation and Segmentation Credits
10k activation and segmentation credits, to use with Data Cloud.
SMS Priced
SMS priced at $10 /1000 sends.

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