Mekanys' Commitment to Gender Parity

Mekanys' Commitment to Gender Parity, Equal Opportunities and Inclusion in the Workplace

In today’s rapidly evolving corporate landscape, the pursuit of gender equality has emerged as a fundamental principle of Mekanys that guides organizational culture and growth. Our aspiration is a workplace that resembles society, where transparency and accountability are essential for promoting equal opportunities and inclusion.


Fostering Diversity and Inclusion at Mekanys

Gender Parity Initiatives

Mekanys opts for setting goals and policies to promote gender parity actively.

This includes the organization of internships for both men and women, mentoring programs, and recruitment strategies aimed at achieving a balanced workforce effectively.

Gender Parity Initiatives
Equal Opportunities

Equal Opportunities

Mekanys’ commitment to equal opportunities can be inferred from our core values which emphasize teamwork, personal development, and work-life balance.

They aim to create a supportive environment where all team members are heard and supported.

Inclusive Culture

Mekanys strives to foster an inclusive culture, ensuring that employees can be the best version of their professional selves.

This involves being organised, being honest and embracing opportunities for learning and development.

Inclusive Culture

State of Mekanys

Employed women rate
Employed men rate
Management level women rate
Gender balance goal

Strategies for organizing an internship focus on equal opportunities and gender balance


Recruitment Outreach

Advertise internship positions through diverse channels to reach a wide range of candidates. Partner with organizations that support women in the industry to encourage applications from female candidates.

Selection Process

Implement a blind recruitment process where the selection is based on skills and qualifications, not gender. Use structured interviews with standardized questions to minimize bias.

Flexible Arrangements

Regularly collect feedback from interns on their experience and use this data to improve the program. Ensure that the evaluation process for intern performance is fair and unbiased.
Strategies for equal opportunities and gender balance

Mekanys is committed for the next year to achieve a 50/50 gender balance among internship candidates as well as in the company's entire workforce.

By implementing the strategies listed, you can work to create an internship program that not only values ​​equality, but also actively promotes gender balance, paving the way for a more equitable future in the workplace.

Remember, achieving gender balance isn’t just about numbers, it’s about creating equal opportunities to learn, grow and advance for all trainees, regardless of gender.

A graphic illustrating the interconnectedness of workplace diversity and inclusion concepts, with a commitment to gender balance in internships and workforce.

Mekanys’ Principles of Inclusive Internship Excellence

Diverse Recruitment

Mentorship and Support

Professional Development

Networking Opportunities

Mekanys' Principles of Inclusive Internship Excellence

Equal Access

Inclusive Environment

Performance Feedback

Continuous Improvement

Mekanys Team
Mekanys Team
Mekanys Team

Mekanys' Drive for Gender Equality and Inclusive Excellence

Mekanys is steadfast in its commitment to gender parity, equal opportunities, and inclusion in the workplace.

By actively implementing strategies such as fostering diversity and inclusion, promoting gender parity initiatives, and ensuring equal opportunities for all, Mekanys aims to create an environment where every individual can thrive professionally and personally.

As we move forward, it’s crucial to remember that achieving gender balance is not just a numbers game, it’s about creating a culture of respect, support, and opportunity for all individuals, regardless of gender.

Mekanys will continue to prioritize inclusivity, learning, and growth, ensuring that our workplace remains a beacon of diversity and equality in the corporate world.

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